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Tennis – Cape Dory

January 25, 2011

Tennis is a new group on the music scene with a highly anticipated new album that dropped this January. After releasing the single, “Marathon” last year along with a couple others, I was really looking forward to hearing even more. Before I go any further, let me give you some backstory on Tennis.

Tennis is made up of a married couple from Colorado. After finishing college, they decided to sell most of their possessions. They then purchased a sail boat & afterwards got married. That journey is the inspiration for the songs on Cape Dory. They bring a 60’s pop sound that works along with their style to bring you some great new music.

While I really wanted to love everything about this album, that was just not the case. Don’t get me wrong, 50% of it is great. But, that other half is just lacking a little something. I would still recommend adding Cape Dory to your collection. I give Tennis’ Cape Dory: 7.4/10.

Top Tracks:

#1 Take Me Somewhere

#3 Cape Dory

#4 Marathon*

#6 South Carolina

#9 Baltimore

*favorite track

Hear the interview with Tennis on NPR:


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