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Ducktails – Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

February 13, 2011

Sorry to excite all you fans of Disney’s DuckTales, Ducktails is a band… that doesn’t include any cartoon ducks. Ducktails is headed by the guitarist from the band Real Estate, Matthew Mondanile.  You will hear the similarities between the two immediately. Which, for me, is a good thing. I was a big fan of Real Estate’s 2009 self titled release.

This is titled Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, because it the 3rd release from Mondanile. He has apparently been making music under the name Ducktails  for a while now. But after the success of Real Estate, it seems more people are familiar with him. I have not listened to the 1st two releases by Mondanile, but I can say I really enjoyed this album. I look forward to hearing more from him & Real Estate in the future.

I give Ducktails – Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, 8.2/10

“Killing The Vibe”*

“Art Vandelay”*

* favorite tracks

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