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James Blake – James Blake

February 14, 2011

What better album to review on V-day than to post some love for Mr. James Blake? I couldn’t think of any either. James Blake is a 22 year old dubstepper from London. What is a dubstepper, you ask? Well, I sort of just made that up. But, there is such a thing as dubstep music. Dubstep has Jamaican roots with bent vocal hooks & has mostly to do with the bass beat & rhythm. Don’t ask me any more, because that is about all I know about dubstep.

After putting out 3 Eps last year, James Blake changed his sound up a bit more with his self-titled LP. He is the only person on the planet that I can listen to that uses Auto-Tune. Auto-Tune is usually pretty annoying for me to listen to, but Blake does something different with it than anyone else. I also like the added use of his vocals on this album. He often bends & layers his vocals over each other to create something very unique. I recommend that everyone check this album out. You are either going to fall in love with it, or possibly not care for it all. Either way, you will have heard something fresh & new. For me, those are the best kinds of albums to hear.

I give James Blake – James Blake, 8.8/10

“The Wilhelm Scream”*


* favorite track – “The Wilhelm Scream” was inspired by his father, James Litherland’s “Where To Turn,” which you can listen to here.

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