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Whaddi miss? non-electronic version 2-24-11

February 24, 2011


There are plenty great of new albums I have & still have not reviewed that I will not feature in this post. Those include: Yuck, RadioheadPJ Harvey, & others. Now that you know what I won’t be listing, how ’bout I just get right to it?

  • This 1st song will be included in my upcoming reviews, but the song is SO good I had to share it with you today. From Beach Fossils new EP What a Pleasure, here is my favorite track from the EP, “Out In The Way” featuring Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing.

“Out In The Way”

  • Check out a new track from The Fresh & Onlys’ new upcoming EP, “Do You Believe In Destiny.”

“Do You Believe In Destiny”

  • Did you catch Odd Future‘s TV debut on Jimmy Fallon? Featuring Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats,  this is pretty creepy, hide yo kids! SWAG!
  • How ’bout a couple more rap songs? Check out this track from BBU featuring Das Racist. You can pick the track up for free, here.

“Please, No Pictures”

  • And for another Das Racist track, check out “Swate” featuring Lakutis.


  • Here’s a garage rock track from Bass Drum of Death. Here is “Young Pros,” from their album GB City, out April 12th on Fat Possum.

“Young Pros”

  • The Dodos are coming out with a new album on March 15th. Here is the 1st track from No Color, “Black Night.”

“Black Night”

  • Here is a great video from Marisa Nadler, “Rosary,” from her 2009 album Little Hells. Just try not to get lost in her amazing voice.
  • Now for some post-punk, you don’t find bands still doing this kind of 70’s inspired music very often. Here a track from Mode Moderne‘s self-released album, Ghosts Emerging. You can download it through Itunes, here

“Les Neuf Soeurs”

  • I have a couple of new shoegaze songs. The 1st one is from Big Troubles. From their 2010 album Worry, here is the video for “Georgia.” You can purchase the album, here.
  • The next shoegaze track is from Belong, “Perfect Life.” From their forthcoming album Common Era, out March 21st.

“Perfect Life”

  • I’ll end with a dream-pop track from Blouse. Here is the soon to be released song, “Firestarter.”


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