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Whaddi miss? electronic version 2-25-11

February 25, 2011

Since I had so many new songs to share, I broke it up between electronic & then everything else. Here are all my electronic recommended listens:

  • Check out a song from Porcelain Raft‘s new EP Going Blind, out now.

“Talk To Me”

  • Check out this track posted by Zomby. The chorus sounds a lot like the one in Kanye West’s “Power.” Here’s “▲ ” by Zomby. Using a little witch house symbol. Not sure how you say ▲… I guess just call it upright triangle?
  • Mr. Lennox of Animal Collective, also known as Panda Bear, has a new album out on April 12th. Here is a track from Tomboy.

“Last Night At The Jetty”

  • This is a sweet track from Gatto Fritto. The UK producer’s album drops in April.


  • Check out this remix by Altair Nouveau of Dominant Legs, “Clawing Out The Walls”

“Clawing Out At The Walls” (Altair Nouveau Remix)

  • Here’s a great track from Austra that will be on their debut album Feel It Break, out May 17.

“Beat And The Pulse”

  • Here is a something from German Siriusmo‘s debut album Mosaik, out March 1st.

“Einmal in der Woche schreien”

  • This is a track from London’s Summer Camp. They are planning on having a summer release of their debut album. No details on the title or label just yet.

“I Want You”

  • Here’s a track from Elite Gymnastics‘ EP, NEU! ’92. If you like it, you can download the entire EP for free, here.


  • I’ll end this with a smooth jam from Keep Shelly In Athens. This song and another single is available for free on their blog, here.

“Song To Cheer You Up”

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