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Telekinesis – 12 Desperate Straight Lines

February 26, 2011

Seattle indie rocker Michael Benjamin Lerner is the main man behind Telekinesis. 12 Desperate Straight Lines is his sophomore full length album. I stumbled across a free preview of the album before it’s February 15th release on NPR’s First Listen. I was not really familiar with any Telekinesis’s music & after listening I wasn’t left disappointed.

12 Desperate Straight Lines is bit more ‘poppy’ than stuff I usually listen to. It kind of has a 90’s feel in some ways. The album is full of catchy tracks & reminded me of listing to Weezer’s The Blue Album for the 1st time. Not so much the sound, but just how catchy & well meshed all the songs seemed to fit together.

With all that being said, I didn’t really find myself wanting to rush out to buy the album. I guess Telekinesis just really isn’t my thing.  I can see how the average listener & people that enjoy pop rock will probably love this album. But,  “It’s not my bag baby.”

I give Telekinesis – 12 Desperate Straight Lines, 6.0/10

“Please Ask For Help”*

* favorite track

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