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Beach Fossils – What a Pleasure (EP)

March 3, 2011

Ah, more Beach Fossils music is upon us. Their self titled album from last year was one of my favorites. Something about playing them while soaking up the summer sun or just cruising with the windows down feels like the right way to fully enjoy the music. I still find myself getting lost in the tunes with each listen.

Based out of Brooklyn, Beach Fossils bring a lo-fi beach rock that is all their own. They don’t really sound like other beach rock bands out there, and I have to say that they still tend to be my “go to” when it comes to that genre. If you enjoy the song I’ve listed below, I encourage you to check out both their self titled 2010 release as well as this EP. They are both great. Then take those to play at the beach to or lounge outside with, maybe while enjoying a drink with one of those fancy umbrellas.

I give Beach FossilsWhat a Pleasure (EP), 8.2/10

I gave Beach Fossils – Beach Fossils (2010)7.8/10

“Out In The Way (feat. Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing)”*

“Daydream”** [from Beach Fossils (2010)]

* favorite track, probably a favorite of the year as well

** favorite track from their 2010 self titled album

  • Wild Nothing also had one of my favorite albums from last year. They also have 1 album & 1 EP available,  each are also recommended.
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