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PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

April 12, 2011

Let England Shake is the 8th full length album by PJ Harvey. An interesting fact about the album, is that she recorded the whole thing in a church. I usually write a longer review giving insight into the artist, but not this time. I feel that singer-songwriter PJ Harvey has been around long enoug, that most of you already know about her. I always give my favorite track, which I will again, but it was very hard for me to pick out just one off of this album. I think this album is best enjoyed  when listening from start to finish. The whole album is really very good.  I’ll end this review with a quote from The Guardian‘s review:

“You’re left with a richly inventive album that’s unlike anything else in Harvey’s back catalogue. That, she told Marr last year, is the point: ‘My biggest fear would be to replicate something I’ve done before.’ Let England Shake sounds suspiciously like the work of a woman at her creative peak. Where she goes from here is, as ever, anyone’s guess.”

Alexis Petridis

The Guardian gave Let England Shake a full 5 stars. Click HERE to read the full article.

I give PJ Harvey – Let England Shake 8.5/10

“Bitter Branches”*

*favorite track

Below is the video for “Let England Shake.”

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