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Teeel – Amulet

April 18, 2011

Those of you regularly following my blog have probably heard of this new band, that I freakin’ love, Teeel. One day in mid-March I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts : KEXP Music That Matters , vol. 243, when DJ John Richards played Washed Out’s “Feel It All Around.” The song that I think defines the genre of Chillwave. He followed that up with a band I was unfamiliar with & played “Dark Passenger” by Teeel.  That was the 1st time this year I had been blown away by a single track.

I had to have this album. I searched for Teeel & found his new debut album, Amulet, on Emusic. I quickly used my credits and downloaded it right away. And thats when I became hooked, I think I played Amulet about 6 times straight before I listened to anything else. To date I have listened to Amulet over 10 times in the last 4 weeks. I just can’t get enough these jams.

You can get a good description of Teeel from his label’s page,  Moodgadget:

“Inspired by Italo, electro and the 80’s New Wave movement, Teeel, aka Jim Smith, credits his sound to marathon movie watching and being an obsessive gear head. Crammed in a 10×10 teal painted room, stacked with synthesizers and walls covered with vintage Moog ads, Jim creates music that is perhaps best described as hypnotic soft-vocal, synthpop.”

I highly recommend this album. If you are feeling 1 track on Amulet, you are probably going to love the entire album as much as I do. I’m not picking a favorite track (mostly because I love them all), but be sure to preview Amulet below. ***Also be sure to check back in a few days, as Teeel has agreed to do the 1st ever The Hipster Files interview.***

I give TeeelAmulet, 9.0/10

Also be sure to check his amazing remix of Toro y Moi’s “Still Sound” below.


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