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EP Reviews – Pt. 1

June 23, 2011

These first 3 EPs I’m going to review just missed my best of 2011 so far list. These 1st three EPs would fit in right there below those 13 I listed on my best so far list. & all just so happen to be electronic EPs.

Burial – Street Halo (EP)

This 3 track EP comes from the Hyperdub music label. Burial received the top album of the year in 2006 by Wire Magazine. This EP is also his 1st solo release in 4 years. I love the EP & my only complaint is that there weren’t more tracks for me to enjoy. These three tracks clock in at right around 20.5 minutes. Burial’s music contains elements of dubstep, 2-step garage, & ambient. Or if you remember my post on Holy Other, his music can also be classified as post-dubstep. Here is part of what Pitchfork had to say about Street Halo:

 “Anyone who feared that he might have moved on to a new sound– perhaps, like James Blake, embracing pop songwriting– can breathe a sigh of relief: This is the same melancholic Burial we’ve known and loved from the beginning. But listeners who wondered if the formula might be wearing thin, diluting itself amidst all the rainy pitter-patter and tear-stained chords, can also breathe easy. While sticking to the emotional terrain he’s known for, Burial also subtly pushes his sound in new directions”

I give BurialStreet Halo (EP), 8.5/10

Burial – “NYC” from Street Halo

Comma – Colortronics (EP)

Comma is a band I’m glad I found out about. This EP caught me by surprise & is one I have been enjoying quite a bit. Track 1, ‘Ken Griffey Jr.’ is obviously a cool title & nod to a great baseball player. Then on the track ‘Colortronics,’ it opens up with a voice sample that is obviously from a movie trailer saying, “Barry is only a winner in his dreams.” Curious if I could find out what movie that was, I searched it and came up with “Sidekicks” featuring Chuck Norris. Click here to watch the trailer if you wish. The samples used start around the 45 second mark.

This is an album worth every penny & it is also available for a short time on purple cassette via Frite Night. You can preview the EP below & you shouldn’t be disappointed with any of the songs on it. Tracks 1-5 on the soundcloud link appear on the EP & the 1st track listed, “Mezcal Hologram” is my favorite.

I give CommaColortronics (EP), 8.4/10

Teams vs. Star Slinger – s/t (EP)

This is another EP I just can’t seem to stop listening to. Every track is solid & track 2, “Punch Drunk Love” is one of my favorite tracks of the year. UK producer Star Slinger paired up with ambient beat man Teams for this collaborative EP. I hope that they decide to keep this pairing going for a while longer. These tracks are seriously funky & great to jam or swag out to on any occasion. Listen to my favorite track below & see if you agree.

I give Teams vs. Star SlingerTeams vs. Star Slinger (EP), 8.5/10

“Punch Drunk Love” – Teams vs Star Slinger

Deadboy – Here (EP)

Deadboy is described by his label Numbers as:

“You could describe Deadboy’s music as heartache for the dancefloor. Tapping into London’s rich musical heritage from Scott Walker to early 90’s Hardcore all the way through to UK Garage and House, Deadboy’s tracks somehow still share the same sense of futuristic melancholia as the first wave of Detroit Techno by the likes of Derrick May and Juan Atkins.”

This EP sure sounds like a collection of songs made specifically to jam at the clubs. It is a good EP, but is also like the Burial EP having only 3 songs and totaling about 20.5 minutes. You can still preview the entire EP below via soundcloud. My favorite is the 2nd track “Here 4 U.”

I give DeadboyHere (EP), 7.9/10

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