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The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence

December 29, 2011

The Weeknd’s trilogy is now complete. This latest mixtape (his 3rd in 2011) he dropped right before Christmas & is my favorite. What a great gift for the holidays. Echoes of Silence starts off on track 1 with a cover of Michael Jackon’s “Dirty Diana,” & it only gets better from there. This guy is making me believe that he is the best R&B artist out there & he has just started! His 1st mixtape, House of Balloons, ended up #36 on my top 50 of 2011. He has already ‘tweeted’ that he plans on releasing the entire trilogy next year, so if you need that vinyl or cd to go with your mp3s then you can snag a physical copy soon. Below are my favorite tracks on the album.


Track 5 is also pretty awesome & features his vocals being speed up, then slowed down, & then speed up over & over again throughout the song. Songs usually do one or the other, but this one does both & I think it is pretty dope.


Track 7, “The Fall,” was produced by Clams Casino. My fingers are crossed that these 2 team up again.

“The Fall”

If you hadn’t already decided to download this, I just gave this a perfect score!

Download Echoes of Silence for free here:

Check out my review of his 1st mixtape, House of Balloons, here:


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