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Introducing: Synthemesc Recordings

January 23, 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to share a great new record label with you. Synthemesc /pronounced: sinth-a-mesk/ is a new small label started by Jim Smith, the man behind Teeel. The idea behind him starting this label is very simple: “Our mission is to provide the world with unique and exciting electronically-made music.” There have already been: a few releases this year with many more coming soon. I will focus this post on some of these new releases, including: Silver Sea, Crozet, & Reflex.Ion. (all releases are available via the website & on itunes)

I really encourage all of you reading this to give these albums a try. They all have a couple things in common, (1) they are all really good, & (2)- they all have a very chill vibe. Both of which make them perfect for your playlist & you will find yourself returning to them over & over again.

Silver Sea – Procella Perfecta

Silver Sea is Jim Smith (Teeel) & his friend, Dave Payne. Together they make some great electronic music. Procella Perfecta is their sophomore album where  they bring a darker approach this time. It is stated best on their website:

“Silver Sea brings a collection of electronica and indie soundscapes, compared to their more-refined debut album. Distorted guitars smothered with effects, vintage MOOG synthesizers and moving drums bring forth a movie-esqe retro sound.” NOW AVAILABLE ON iTUNES or buy a CD.

I really enjoyed this album & recommend you give it a listen & check it out. Here is a preview of the album:

favorite song #7: “Red Star”

Crozet – We’ll Be Gone By Then

This band from Phili put together a really strong 1st album. Each song building a little bit on the last. This album fully embraces the chillwave vibe & is compared to the likes of Washed Out & Teen Daze. While listening to this, I always felt it had a familiar sound with something else I’d heard before. I never could place it, but the important part is that it IS music I enjoy. Give it a listen below, you won’t regret it!

favorite song #8: “We’ll Be Gone By Then”

Reflex.Ion – Translocation

Reflex.Ion is  Robert Holub’s solo project. On Translocation, he takes a variety of different samples & sounds, & then transforms them into some really cool & chill electronic music. This album could have easily wound up on Flying Lotus’s label Brainfeeder. It really is just that good. Give it a listen below!

It was hard for me to pick a single standout song on this because I kinda liked them all equally. But if you only have time listen to one, I’d recommend: “8-Bit Stream Of Conciousness.” (#3) This song takes some of those 8-bit Nintendo game sounds you might remember from the game “Punch Out” & “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out,” but uses them differently than most would, making a very mellow & nostalgic song.

Remember to bookmark Synthemesc so you can keep up with all the great new music they are putting out, or you can also “like” Synthemesc on Facebook, here.


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