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Teeel – University Heights

February 20, 2012

For more information on Teeel, you can read my interview with him from last spring, HERE & also my most recent interview with him for this album that I posted yesterday, HERE.

Finally the wait is over, Teeel is back with his sophomore full length album. This is one I have been anticipating for some time. Exactly 1 year to the day from his last album, University Heights is out tomorrow. 2/22/12

University Heights = catchy synth layers + beats inspired by late 70’s & early 80’s New Wave + some occasional reverb + rockin’ guitar + hazy vocals + a dark & 80’s nostalgic sound

Teeel’s sophmore album takes that same dark feel of his 1st album, Amulet, & kicks it up a notch. University Heights is darker, harder hitting, & has a wider range of sounds. All the songs on Amulet had a certain vibe & sound that all kinda flowed from 1 song to the next. University Heights takes a dark approach where Jim shows his range & talent in a fresh new way. With many 80’s & early 90’s sci-fi & horror movie inspirations, this new album goes right along with my taste & style. I think everyone will pick different tracks on this as their favorite. There isn’t a bad track anywhere on University Heights to be heard.

From my recent interview, this is what Jim said about his new album:

“University Heights is kind of like an album I would have made in high school or college: Dark, disturbing, chaotic and sinister, which was the type of person I was back then.”

Now enough of me wasting time, stream the album below & then go grab yourself a copy, HERE. University Heights is available tomorrow & is an album you don’t want to miss out on this year.

Follow Teeel:

Teeel’s website




You can also check out more synth music on his new label, Sythemesc Recordings, HERE.


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