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Album of the month: Julia Holter

April 10, 2012

Julia Holter came out of no where last year with her debut album Tragedy. Her music is what I usually classify into a category of  “ambient/electronic” music. It’s where the atmosphere of the sound just grabs you & seems like it takes you a million miles away. That is exactly what happened when I listened to Tragedy last year. I have my friend to thank for giving me the head’s up on Holter last year. He also dug Ekstasis, so check out what he wrote on GHOSTGOTH here.

I put Holter’s Tragedy at #13 on my 2011 album list right between M83 & White Denim. (There were some other great albums on my list from last year I’d also classify in the “ambient/electronic” category at #8 – Oneohtrix Point Never & #23 Nicholas Jaar.) I’ve had that same connection with Ekstasis this year again. I’d write more on the album, but I feel Pitchfork actually did a really good review on the album & I encourage you to read it HERE.

Here is the last paragraph of the review:

“”I can see you but my eyes are not allowed to cry…’ is a lyric from “Goddess Eyes”, a new version of a song that appeared on Tragedy. It’s a line from the Euripides play that inspired her first album, and it’s delivered in processed voice reminiscent of a vocoder. So we have a 2,000-year old phrase run through a device that makes a human sound like a 1970s version of the robots of the future. And at the center of all this time travel stands Julia Holter, pulling in references and sounds from everywhere and shaping them into a music that’s both haunting and life-affirming, something to make you dream and think.” –Mark Richardson

Here is her newer take on “Goddess Eyes.” Which was also my favorite track on Tragedy, this is “Goddess Eyes II” off the new album.

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  1. April 10, 2012 3:29 pm

    Spreading that Julia Holter love!! Dis is why we be bro’s!! 🙂

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