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Worst albums of 2012

December 17, 2012

Muse_2nd_law riff raff Fun_-_Some_Nights_album_cover The_Killers_-_Battle_BornSomethin_Bout_Kreay_CoverMirage_Rock

By request of my homeboy, I bring you my bottom of 2012 list. I hated all these albums more than any of the other 340+ albums I listened to this year. I always try to be polite & only point out music I really like, but with this post, I’m letting out all my hate.

#1 being the absolute worst, let’s get started with the unlucky & unfortunate 13 albums.

  1. MuseThe 2nd Law
  2. Riff RaffBirth of an Icon
  3. fun.Some Nights
  4. The KillersBattle Born
  5. KreayshawnSomethin ‘Bout Kreay
  6. Band of HorsesMirage Rock
  7. Kool A.D.The Palm Wine Drinkard
  8. FutureAstronaut Status
  9. Nicki MinajPink Friday…. Roman Reloaded
  10. Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiMature Themes
  11. 2 ChainzBased on a T.R.U. Story
  12. Chiddy BangBreakfast
  13. Chief KeefBack From the Dead

Muse you made me hate all music for almost an hour. Please stop trying to make annoying music. Thanks

Riff Raff, is there a better reason to make a rapper famous other than being a reality TV star for being a complete idiot? I guess not.

fun., at the time I listened to this it was the worst thing I’d heard since I listened to Skrillex’s debut EP. Nails on a chalkboard.

The Killers should just hang it up. After a great 1st album they are scraping the bottom of the music barrel.

Kreayshawn was almost a 1 hit wonder. Just too bad she has no hits & never will. Please get a real job.

Band of Horses what the hell happened to you guys? “Living in a dumpster world” – I’d rather live in a dumpster than listen to your album ever again. Face

Kool A.D. is 1/2 of Das Racist. This mixtape was so boring & awful I have completely blocked it from my memory. Not even joking.

Future, never has a rapper gotten more internet buzz (except maybe Chief Keef) that I thought was below average at best. I don’t think there is anything special about his style & his rhymes are weak. I just don’t understand.

Nicki Nicki Nicki your album sucks sucks sucks.

Ariel Pink, I thought the only good song on this was “Baby”……which was a cover. Big disappointment after the last album.

2 Chainz, has any rapper been featured more on EVERY rap song that came out in 2012? I liked 2 Chainz okay before listening to this album. I often found his rhymes clever & witty but for some reason he couldn’t come up with enough material for even 1 good song on his own album.

Chiddy Bang, what was the point of this mixtape? Please go back to the studio & try again. Are you calling the next one “Lunch”? That would be really fun! Then “Dinner” or maybe “Brunch” the possibilities are endless.

Chief Keef, that’s that sh*t I don’t like BANG BANG!

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