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Albums of the month: December 2012

January 26, 2013

December is usually a slow month for music releases, this past December was no exception. Of all the releases, only a few EPs  really caught my full attention.


BurialTruant / Rough Sleeper EP

What can I say? I really enjoy everything Burial puts out. Truant / Rough Sleeper EP is only 2 tracks, but spans over 25 minutes. I liked it just as much as his Kindred EP he released last year. Kindred ended up being #7 on my favorite albums list from 2012. This may not make my top 10 cut for the year this time, but I still encourage you to buy these 2 tracks if you enjoy Burial at all.

Buy the EP here on Hyperdub.



Twigs is an artist I really don’t know much about. I do really enjoy her EP she released last month. I remember my friends showing me the video she put out for “Ache” last year. It is pretty damn strange. Some dude doing some weird dancing with a pair of cut up Jordan sneakers on his face that were made into a mask. Check it out for yourself below.

Buy EP by Twigs here via Bandcamp.


Other releases of note from December:

Katy B Danger EP

Memory TapesGrace/Confusion

SolangeTrue EP

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