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Top of the Lake

July 24, 2013

top of the lake

One night while hanging out with my buddies Tuck & Snyd, Tuck told me that this was supposed to be really great. It was on Netflix streaming, which I had just signed back up for after the release of Arrested Development season 4. (who could resist!) I added it to my queue right away. Then after not finding anything else that caught my eye, I started watching this with no clue of what to expect. I then got hooked after just the 1st episode.

It had Elizabeth Moss playing the lead part as Detective Robin Griffin. (she also plays one of my favorite characters on ‘Mad Men’ as Peggy) It was also set in New Zealand, which took me by surprise. There was a bit of a ‘Twin Peaks’ or ‘The Killing’ type of vibe I was getting after the opening of the show. A 12 year old girl, Tui, walks out into the freezing cold lake early one morning in what looks to be a suicide attempt. You then find out Tui is pregnant, & not long after she goes missing.

I’m not gonna sit here & break down the entire miniseries. So, for all you Netflix streaming subscribers, I’d like you take my word that this show is awesome & start watching it. There are only 7 episodes, (1 hr each) so you can pace yourself if you like. There are some really great performances by Elizabeth Moss & Tui’s father, Matt Micham, played by actor Peter Mullan. Holly Hunter also plays the unforgettable character of GJ.

Top of the Lake was shown at this year’s Sundance Film Festival & is co-produced by the Sundace Channel & BBC Two. I promise it will be 7 complete hours of one of the best shows release this year. I’m already thinking of watching it again.



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